West Cameroon Movement for Change

A Private Letter to the Consortium,

We the people of West Cameroon Movement for Change UK and our beloved supporters and followers want to thank you for your commitment to protect and serve your people.

No violence (UB students said) but Proper Civilised, Educated round table, ‘Man-to-Man’ Dialogue.

You used a lot of wisdom and called off the Public Demo of the 2nd of January 2017. If you did not cancel that demo, we would have once more had serious casualties.
We support you and will be with you throughout this tough times. We the UK diaspora and our fans are ready to work with you throughout this challenging times. Be rest assured that we are in this together.

We are determined more than ever to join you in freeing our people from the tyranny and forceful annexation of President Paul Biya’s East Cameroon Government. There is all evidence that President Paul Biya and his group of cronies are sweating under their pants because you have not bow to their old and outdated tactics of corruption and intimidation.

You are our armour and shield. Remain resilient. Before taking any decision, put your people first as you are doing already and you will be protected by them. Lead your people to lead you and you will be/remain good leaders.

So far we are very proud of you especially at this moment when the Yaounde government thinks money can buy everything including consciences. Continue to resist the temptations of Biya’s fake money.

See you tomorrow our heroes/heroines

God’s time is the best and His time is now.
Thank you all.
West Cameroon Movement for Change UK