Eurochance100 – An Authorised Scam?

Before you start reading, I wish to implore that if you have a story to share about Eurochance100 or DTD European Services LTD, be it positive or negative, do so at the end, in the comments section. This is my personal view of things and some of the reviews added are also the views expressed by others. 

if you have been a victim of this, failing to share with others is simply to allow more people become victims. I hope your conscience can live with the fact you could save someone and did not?


The day was April 12, 2013 and it was 14:11 (London Time). I was about to go for my lunch break and a call came in. A call that lasted 23 minutes and 2 seconds, and one that I was told will change my fortunes forever.

The caller, a sweet-sounding, very convincing lady. She was calling because it Prizes Eurochance100 scamwas the countdown before the next draw of which I was to win (I cannot remember what it was – an Audi???) and yes a cash prize of £10,000. OK! Money was mentioned and although I could not remember entering any draw, here was this woman with my phone number and who knew my name and DOB. What did I stand to lose? Nothing – or so I thought. The moment I accepted to enter the draw, the real deal is presented. I am also to become part of a syndicate of 100 persons and receive 208 tickets with a guarantee of a minimum of 2 minimum prices a week that are shared between the 100 persons of the syndicate. Furthermore, I was to receive a Haggle Card for life which I could use to claim discounts on all online purchases. You think it is too good to be true right – yes then it is.

Eurochance100 scamRealising that her explanation was sounding to me like rocket science, she asked if I play the lottery, I said NO! She then goes on tell me I will receive all she is telling me by post (the letters and Haggle Card did arrive today). Then came the answer to the question I was dying to ask: What do I have to pay?

Not much really!!! Considering what I stood to win. I was to pay £44 a month for an initial 3 months by Direct Debit beginning 1st of May. Now, my antennae are up, I decide to quickly check them out while still on phone. A quick scan brings up only negative reviews but I decide to play along.

I gave my Sort Code and Account Number, with the assumption that a Direct Debit will not be set if they are fraudulent and all they can do with the number and sort code is pay money into an account. Was I wrong??? So it seems! I was immediately passed over to her ‘Manager’ who seemed to have been waiting right there to welcome me to the fold and to reiterate the message that I should not forget them when I hit the jackpot.


At the face value, it does not look like a scam. The number with which I was called is a London Land-line. The websites all look functional and legitimate  A company Check reveals that it is an active registered Company. But once you begin reading all the reviews that have been written about Eurochance100 and DTD European Services LTD that owns it, you cannot but marvel at the amount of negative reviews there are. NOT A SINGLE person has ever won their millions or their other prizes. (I will be including some of the reviews at the end of this write-up).


The first worry here is that DTD European Services LTD is an authorised UK Company. Its main business is defrauding citizens of their hard-earned money. But they are doing so in a legal manner. How such a company is allowed to operate beats me.  This is nothing but broad day-light robbery.

The second worrying aspect is that to be able to make paperless Direct Debit agreements, DTD European Services LTD has to be a member of AUDDIS (The Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) which enables organisations to send new Direct Debit Instructions to their customers’ bank electronically, instead of in paper format. What this means is that unlike a Standing Order, where the person’s bank pays to the organisation, with the Direct Debit, the Organisation’s bank makes a request directly from the person’s bank account.

Many people like me could realise this and know this, long before the date of the first withdrawal, hence we can easily cancel the Direct Debit before any attempts are made to collect the money. In such a case, should the Bank pay the money still, the customer is entitled to a refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee.  BUT, should a person not know, like some of those in the reviews expressed, the money is taken out continuously from their account every other month.

The third disturbing aspect is: HOW DTD GOT TO LAY ITS HANDS ON PEOPLE’S INFORMATION – NAMES AND CONTACT NUMBERS WITH EMAIL ADDRESSES? This only goes further to show that somehow, there is some complicity between certain agencies and DTD European Services or they acquire it through phishing. I know for sure I never gave them my information and never entered the draw they claim I did.


There is no doubt that in a capitalist country like the UK, profit maximization is basis for every business. However, I would have thought that a country that prides itself on standards, would be able to protect its own citizens from fraudulent businesses. How DTD European Services LTD operates its Eurochance100 scam unhampered is still a mystery.

To those who erroneously think like I did that it is not possible to set up a Direct Debit on your account using only your name, Sort Code and Account Number, think again. (As I write I just checked my online account and saw that the Direct Debit is already in place, the frequency of withdrawals is UNKNOWN and the amount to be withdrawn is not stated)

  • For those who receive such calls, ask yourself this basic question: Why is this not very popular if it is so easy to win? And the first basic instinct for survival – IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – THEN IT CERTAINLY IS!
  • If you have received the call, quickly contact your bank and cancel the Direct Debit. Don’t wait another day.
  • Finally, in the Capitalist world, there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. If it comes too freely, then check again because you may be paying in many ways than you know. 

While it is left for everyone to make the choice after reading, my wish it to just inform people to be wary. I am lucky I will not be losing money to this. Some people have not been too lucky and some may not be too lucky in the future.

Spread the word and let them know so that they can make an informed decision when entering into an agreement with DTD European Services LTD

DTD European Services LTD

Business Summary

Dtd European Services Limited is an Active business incorporated in England & Wales on 21st November 2006. Their business activity is recorded as Gambling And Betting Activities. Dtd European Services Limited is run by 1 current members. and 1 company secretary. 1 shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is also part of a group.

The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/12/2011 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £24,310, ‘liabilities’ worth £4,130,518, ‘net worth’ of £-4,101,008 and ‘assets’ worth £29,510. Dtd European Services Limited’s risk score was amended on 12/10/2012.

Company Register

Status Active – Accounts Filed

Registered date 21/11/2006

Company number 06004362

Type Private limited with Share Capital

Country of registration GB

Previous Names

No previous names.

Company Accounts

Category Small Company

Date filed up to 31/12/2011

Next due date 30/09/2013

Year end date 31st December

Auditor Name King & King

Annual Returns

Date filed up to 21/11/2012


Knoll Business Park
Old Shoreham Road
East Sussex
BN3 7Gs

Telephone: +44 (0) 844 880 2598
Fax +44 (0) 127 360 7361

VAT: 880231931

Registered Office:
DTD European Services Ltd
Incorporated in England No.6004362
Roxburghe House
273-287 Regent St
W1B 2HA London
  1. Lottery Man!
I was working for that company in June and I can garantee you it is a con and a well done one. We where instructed to try to get as many sales as possible and to “dupe” as many clients as possible. On the end of the day if you think about it you are paying £9 pounds a week for 208 tickets but they will only garantee a minimum of 2 minimum prices a week that are shared bettween 100 persons so on the end of the day a minimum price is arround £7. So you pay £9 a week and you will get normally the “big and wonderfull” ammount of
arround £0.90 back so you can see that is a con. On the end of the day remember the rules of life: “If is sounding too good to be truth, probably isn’t”.
2. saggingvenus
HiI received a letter today from Eurochance advising me they have set me up an account and enclosing a Haggle Card.I did get a phone call saying I was in the final for an Audi but the call was at work and I told them I couldnt discuss at the time. They subsequently called me quite a few times on my mobile but I never answered any of the calls.How did they get my details for a Haggle Card and what is a Haggle Card?!I did go to the haggle-card website but did not want to log in as it looked as thought I could be activating an account if I did.

I phoned Eurochance (DTD Eurpean Services) and they confirmed they would cancel my account. I also called my bank and advised them not to agree to any debits/direct debits.

Not sure what else to do – I certainly did not agree to join any such scheme and the girl I spoke to at DTD said all accounts are set up during telephone conversations so they would have to listen to the call to work out what happened. She wasn’t particularly nice about it though and halfway through the conversation, I could hear her tutting at me and almost snorting her disatisfaction at taking my call!

If anyone has any other suggestions (other than reporting to police!) please do give me a shout!

3. tjurek
As I wrote before I don’t judge anything before I give it a try.I did try this, I spend some money to play lotto anyway so I thought there is no differenceFirst of all, this is not a scam, they don’t clear your bank account, and they do pay money into your account every month for what you win, only in my case it was about 4 pounds in 2 months that I participated in this. I have now cancelled my DD to them as I paid for the third month which will be my last one with them.By subscribing with them you join a syndicate of a 100 people. They buy lots of numbers for you and whatever is won on these numbers you get 1/100 part of it.The thing is that at the same time I couldn’t stop myself from buying a ticket for the great roll-over a couple of weeks ago and I won more for 6 pounds by myself than I have for 72 pounds over the last two months with them.

So unless you have a lot of money and are very patient, joining them makes no sense cause your odds increase but the value of possible wins goes down by 99%

4. amanda j.
unfortunately i was convinced but when i tried to log onto web site it came up blank. I went to bank to check direct debits set up and there was none, payment due on 5th may but i will be going the bannk to make sure nothing gets taken from my account
5. Max
Hiya,,, My name is Max and I am from UK.Today 11:38 am 15th March 2012 I had a strange phone call from Euro-Chance-100.UK.Her name was “Sammy Brady” (Indian accent) Her contact number is 0844 880 2598.YOU WON Mr. Max !!!!! Okay I said. What??? You are in the final of winning £10000 good old English money. Mmmmm sounds nice though :o)) But how is this possible I asked ? You did join our competition long time ago…. You remember … Right ? Mmmmm… not really I said ?? Somehow she got all my details such as my: Sir name, my hotmail address, my home address and my phone number too !!!!! Okay,, After the introduction she would remind me that all phones call’s from Euro Chance 100.UK will be recorded. Nice to know :o))Well,,, slowly our conversation changed direction from my first jack-pot to another subject. Now I had the great opportunity to join another competition. A special UK lottery for special customers only where my chances to win a huge amount of money is very close to 100 %. What is your lucky number she asked ? Well,,,,, how many you want I asked her ? I need 5 lucky numbers between 1 and 50. Okay,,, I played along.. gave her 5 lucky numbers. Okay,,

Now the payment. We will draw out £44,00 every month in the next 3 month. You will get 200 chances every month with your special lucky number to win the big jackpot. Wow….. I said,,, really ??? Yes she said, and you can always call me directly if there is anything you don’t understand. I’m here to help and guide you Mr. Max. We will of course call you every week and let you know your winning chances as well. Really I said !!! Yes,, she said. When it’s most convenient for us to call you ? I said Saturday and I was burning for my next question:

Dear Sammy,,, Can I receive a confirmed mail with all instruction’s, winning numbers, receipt for my payment and some guarantees that you only will draw out the £44.00 for the next 3 month ?

Sammy said: We will not contact you by mail. We will call you directly and you can of course see the £44.00 going out from your account every month. You will also receive a letter by post with your winning chances as well. You can always stop by calling my number directly or send a mail to
How is that Mr. Max ? You got your own personally advisor :o) So don’t worry we will take care of everything. Hurray,,, Fine I said,,

Okay,, Mr. Max now I need your card details from your bank card.
First, What is the name of your bank ?


Best Regards,