Sticks and Stones, but Missiles will (

It´s a long time ago that mankind has been hurling sticks and stones at one another. The sticks got pointed ends and became spears and lances. The stones were put into slings so they could be hurled even farther. Sticks were hurled even farther when the bow and arrows were developed. The first historically known European disarmament conference was held between Britain and France because the crossbow was considered as an inhumane weapon. It could penetrate a knights heavy armor at what was then considered long distances.Never mind about the mass killings of foot soldiers, but when a knight, into whom one had invested expensive armor and countless hours of exercise in the perfection of killing were killed at the cost of a single bolt, something had to be done.

The industrial revolution really brought progress to humanity. Mass murder could now become mechanized by means of machine guns. One could say that the first machine guns were the Ford T Model of inhumanity and mechanized killing, but we did not stop there.

We would develop missiles that could be hurled even farther, all the way around the globe. Rockets can now be hurled at wedding parties in Pakistan while sitting at the comfort of a CIA center in Langley, Virginia, on the other side of the globe. Killing has become mechanized, even automated.

Darwinism and social Darwinism has undoubtedly contributed to humanities ever increasing devaluation of human life and suffering. With the pen strokes of science humanity was deprived of it´s soul, of it´s divine origin, and life of it´s sanctity. After all, we are nothing but over developed chimps. The science of medicine contributed with such noble inventions as water boarding. The noble science of psychology contributed with social engineering or propaganda that lets the masses accept that the killing has now been mechanized, and humanity deprived of it´s humanity and the sanctity of life. When human beings are nothing but chimps with an over sized brain, developed out of the slime of the oceans, then why should one any longer care about such outdated philosophy like that of Kant and his extended categorical imperative, that it is unethical and immoral to perceive another human being as simply a means to an end. Wondering why more US soldiers murder them selves than are killed in combat ?

But this are details. Lets rather get back to the wonderful missiles that can be hurled around the globe. That´s for most people a far more palatable issue than the sanctity of human life. Just within the most recent period a cargo of Patriot Missiles that were sent en route to South Korea from Germany were busted in Finland. Not for illegally shipping weapons to a conflict area but for not being safely transported. Don´t worry, they will soon be en route again to make the Korean peninsula a safer place .

The US “promises” Russia that it won´t use it´s European Missile Shield against Russia. Well that sounds very credible, taking into account that the US has financed Chechnyan terrorists for years, that the US is faring an illegal and increasingly arrogantly overt war against Syria, where Russia has it´s sole Maritime Military Base with access to the Mediterranean. The promise makes especially much sense because missiles are placed in such defensive positions as in Poland, approximately as close to Moscow as they can get. It also makes much sense to believe US “promises” when the chairman of the US Senates Armed Services Committee McCain calls for “A Russian Spring”, and when a recent US paper suggests to station NATO jets along the Russian border.

The trouble is that we are not any longer hurling sticks and stones but weapons which effect on the environment, on infrastructure, and on the human body is so violent that nobody who has not experienced the grotesque scenes of war at first hand can comprehend it. Now let´s see; when was the last time that you have heard of a Zbigniev Brzezinski, a Henry Kissinger, a Clinton, Bush or Obama serve at a front line. Our understanding of the technology to kill in large numbers has exceeded our understanding of weapons effect on ourselves and the consequences of war. And my colleague psychologists who prostitute them selves for unadulterated evil help developing strategies that keep humanity a slumber while it´s violent end is approaching ever faster. Think Hiroshima and Nagasaki a hundred of times in a single bomb of which we have tens of thousands. We have developed arsenals of state sanctioned mass homicide that is even beyond the scale of the mechanized killing in world war one and two.

Being a psychologist I have often asked myself why it is that young students are indoctrinated with politically twisted science, to say the least. A pseudo science that leads young, brilliant minds to accepting that the killing of other human beings in war is human nature. That we can not resist our urge to murder for co-opting resources, to assert our dominance and position, to protect our territory and to procreate our own genes, because we have inherited the behavior from the chimps. Ever since Irenaeus Eibl-Eiblsfeldt discovered that a group of chimps committed an apparently premeditated act of murder on a chimp from another family group, the perfect excuse for teaching that homicide and mass homicide are a natural and unavoidable facts of human life was found. The social engineers of modern civilization had found the perfect foundation for the indoctrination of countless of new generations of scholars. Scholars who are being indoctrinated into accepting the deterministic perception of warfare. Try to question it and apply for stipends for a Ph.D, and you will see how deep rooted this dogma is. It is a crime of unspeakable proportions, because it lays the foundation for the continuation of state sanctioned mass homicide rather than studying the possibilities for developing peaceful solutions to settling disputes. The reasoning here is this.

“Chimps do it. We share a common ancestor with the chimps. Ergo, homicide and state sanctioned mass homicide called war it is part of our human nature. We should accept it and live with it. Don´t waste your time on peace. If you want to be on the top of the academic and political food chain you must accept that we are predetermined to wage war.”

Does anyone else hear evil speaking ? It´s far beyond the scope of this article to go into the  depths of the insanity of these arguments, but for those scholars, politicians and warmongers or generals who base their philosophy and science, their politics or strategy on Eibl-Eiblsfeldt and colleagues, I would suggest the following questions:

“Do you still live in trees ? If not, is it because the very theory that you base your causal reasoning about the deterministic nature of warfare in human behavior on, that of evolution, is your model for explaining why we don´t live in the trees any longer while chimps still do ?

See, there are some ladies and gentlemen who would like to have it both ways. To shout of progress from the fullest of their lungs and hurling ever more murderous projectiles, while keeping the dust of antiquity within the cavity of their all to big mouth. If you suggest that we can not do anything than to continue waging war, I suggest you move back to the trees and hurl sticks and stones at each other, and let those who are scientists rather than prostitutes of warmongers and profiteers teach the new generations.

Humanity has reached a stage of technological development where we must criminalize war, where we must learn to settle our disputes in a civilized and peaceful manner, where we must transform war economies to peace economies, chimp based war science to human peace science, or where we must perish from the delusional madness of the few who claim to murder all of us because they were democratically elected to do so. We are no longer hurling sticks and stones; and missiles “will” break our bones unless we begin to base our actions on true science and humanity rather than on politicized pseudo science and unadulterated evil.

By Dr. Christof Lehmann (originally published on nsnbc)