What Comes to Mind When I think of a US President…

It seems to be just an ordinary day everywhere in the world, not least of which is the USA where people went to work as usual, and did the normal things they would do on a Tuesday. But in reality this is no ordinary Tuesday!!!

As the hours die down voters have been going out to decide who becomes the US President for the next four years. While it is now left for a few swing states to decide, the decision will boil down largely to maybe Florida and most importantly Ohio.

The outcome of the vote in Ohio will hinge on candidates’ attitude to the automakers’ bail-out in 2009. While Obama had decided that the government would allow GM and Chrysler to move into bankruptcy and provide transitional financing while both firms restructured their liabilities and returned to viability, Romney had instead gone on to write an opinion piece in the New York Times urging bankruptcy for the two car-makers, stating that he preferred them to rely on transitional financing from the private sector. Given that the automakers’ bail-out is now viewed as a success and is believed to have saved around 1 million jobs in the car industry, and most especially in the manufacturing-heavy state of Ohio, Obama can, from that policy secure re-election, which will have paid off in political as well as economic terms.

This is because as things stand, getting the 18 Electoral Votes of Ohio will see Obama easily crossing the 270 mark needed to win… the question remains however as to whether Iowa will remember the bailout and whether the Hispanics in Florida will think of the gains of Obama’s proposed immigration changes.

Whatever the outcome, whoever wins today will be a great decider on how many wars the world will have in the next four years… at least that is the one thing I remember US Presidents for – the ability to wage war, especially on Sovereign States.