Floods in Yaounde-Cameroon Further Expose the Degeneration of the Country

One thing that is common to all Cameroonians, irrespective of what language they speak, is that they will be familiar with poverty and poor infrastructural development. For 36 years that Cameroon’s dictator Paul Biya has been in power, there has been little done to repair or boost the country’s delipidating structures.

As some people in the English-speaking North West and South West Regions have taken to armed struggle, in a bid to get out of the collapsing system, more evidence is emerging, which indicates that it is a nationwide problem.

A video has emerged showing how minor rainfall in the Cameroon Capital city Yaounde, has led to flooding around schools. The video taken at the  EtougEbe Baptist school, Shows how the flooding has resulted in the trapping kids from going home and parents from coming in to pick them. One of the major causes of flooding in Cameroon’s major cities has been attributed to poor drainage systems, exacerbated by overuse of plastic materials which form a great percentage of rubbish, which paradoxically is never cleared by the city councils. This is just one sign to indicate that no part of the country is free from the Biya virus.

A research I carried out in Ngoundere in the Adamawa region in 2011, established the case of regional inequality along religious lines rather than linguistic ones. The research revealed that the causes of inequality and underdevelopment of Vina in the Adamawa Region are among other things, the absence of the rule of law, poor governance, and the ambivalence of the state towards development. This is a phenomenon that cuts across the whole of the country.

It comes therefore as no surprise that as Biya is advocating to stand for another seven-year term come October 7, 2018, the level of disdain and challenge for his bid has increased across the length and breadth of the country. It is projected that there might be a nationwide riot in Cameroon should Biya win another term as president.