Yaya Touré Should Get the Recognition he Deserves: FabAfriq Setting the Pace!

Yaya Toure, The Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder has won league titles in four countries – Ivory Coast, Greece, Spain and England –  and the Champions League in 2009 with FC Barcelona.

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This 2013/2014 season alone, Yaya Toure made 35 appearances in the Premier League, scored an impressive 20 goals with 9 assists and helping his team win the title. He came third in goals, beaten by Liverpool strikers Luis Suarez (31 goals) and Daniel Sturridge (21 goals).

With such an impressive record, it would be expected that Toure will be a serious contender for any football awards in the world. This unfortunately has not been the case, which made teammate Samir Nasri to point out that Yaya would be celebrated as the world’s greatest midfielder but for the fact he is African.

These sentiments are confirmed by Toure himself in an interview with Football Focus on BBC World News where he said: “I think what Samir was saying was definitely true… To be honest, proper recognition has only come from the fans… I don’t want to be hard and I don’t want to be negative, but I want to be honest.”

Ahead of the game, FabAfriq Magazine had already discerned that this was one player who needed to be given the accolades he deserves. FabAfriq caught up with Toure and he had a lot to say with regards to his role as the face of One.org’s DoAgric project. It shows that Yaya Toure is not only good on the field, he is good with promoting the usage of another type of field for economic prosperity.

The full interview is featured in the current issue of FabAfriq Magazine.