Kemta Attacks Paul Biya, Again – On His Hospital Bed

Every human being has their nemesis. Biya’s nemesis seems to be CODE and its operations man, Emmanuel Kemta. After chasing Biya from his hotel in Switzerland on several occasions, after taking to music to attack and blame Biya for the escalation of the Anglophone crisis, Kemta has decided this time to push it a notch further.

On what promised to be a peaceful Sunday at the Geneva University Hospitals, on a day that a cross-generation of Anglophone leaders converged in Washington DC in a historic match, Kemta decided that Biya will have no rest.

Recounting the killing of women and children by the Cameroon military, the killing of Anglophones and Biya’s dismal 36 years of governance, that has left the country without credible medical facilities. Kemta goes on to ask Biya why he has failed to develop Cameroon’s infrastructure and is currently enjoying those of a foreign country.

Finally, Kemta promised Biya that he will be staying on in Switzerland for at least one month and Biya will be receiving a visit from him every week. Other activists have also promised to join Kemta.

Should other activists join in this quest of chasing Biya out of Switzerland, there might be a chance that he will eventually find it uncomfortable enough to stay in Cameroon and address the issues that require his attention. To begin with, he might call off the war that has been declared on Anglophones, which is claiming the lives of young people on a daily basis.

Biya is also hoping to run for the upcoming elections in Cameroon due to take place on October 7. Should Biya win another 7-year term, that will mean, failing to die in power, he will be over 94 years old when that term ends.

From Switzerland to Music: Kemta Haunts Biya, Tells Anglophones Not to Give Up Their Quest for Freedom

As Cameroon’s Dictator Paul Biya, has been reported to have made another trip to Switzerland, I could not help but think of one person, who has in the past, made such trips to lose the coziness that Biya craves from them. This person is Emmanuel Kemta.

Kemta is perhaps best known for chasing Biya away from his hotel in Geneva Switzerland. Sometime in 2017, CODE (Collectif des Organisations Démocratiques et patriotiques des Camerounais de la Diaspora), the organisation of which Kemta is a part, uncovered Biya’s hotel location and gave him an ultimatum to return to Cameroon, which the strongman surprisingly, observed. Despite doing all these, the attractiveness of Switzerland, compared to Biya’s Cameroon, is such that he cannot help but go there as often as possible.

Kemta, has, in addition to physically going after Biya, used music to haunt the Cameroonian octogenarian who has been in power for 36 years. In the style of the legendary Lapiro De Mbanga, Kemta uses a combination of English, French and FrancAnglais (Mboko) in his music.

In his latest release titled Don’t Give Up, Kemta captures the short history of the current phase of the Anglophone crisis. He highlights that although some are asking for Federalism and some Separation, the bottom line is that, everyone wants Biya to go. Also, speaking on behalf of CODE, Kemta in this piece, demands that the Cameroon military stop the genocide it is carrying out in the Anglophone Regions. He further makes the declaration that Biya is wrong to tag Anglophone fighters as ‘terrorists’ given that they are simply engaged in legitimate self-defense.

A Cameroonian of Francophone extraction, Kemta has been among one of the most vocal activists challenging the gradual and systematic extermination of English-Speaking Cameroonians. He has been part of many demonstrations organised in the United Kingdom.

As recently as Friday 27th July 2018, Kemta led a group of other Francophone activists to the Cameroon High Commission, where they denounced the actions of the Cameroon military in the North, North West and South West Regions of the country.

As news has again spread that Biya is currently in Switzerland to receive medical attention, it would not come as a surprise if Kemta were to pay Biya another unwelcome visit. Who would blame him though? If Biya took care of Cameroon’s health infrastructure and other aspects of the country’s development, he would have little incentive to keep going to Switzerland, where it is becoming obvious, there is always an unwanted guest at the party.