Response to Akoson: RE: Breaking News: The UN Sends Away Biya’s Men! My sources at the Ministry of External Relations just hinted me

Response to Akoson:   RE: Breaking News: The UN Sends Away Biya’s Men! My sources at the Ministry of External Relations just hinted me

Dear Akoson,

A lot is circulating on social media, purportedly written and signed by you. While we appreciate your efforts in using your resources to provide news updates to the people of West Cameroon on the current crisis, we also wish to call your attention to some issues raised in one of your write-ups.

In your recent write-up titled “Breaking News: The UN Sends Away Biya’s Men! My sources at the Ministry of External Relations just hinted me”, you made a number of unsubstantiated statements. I will attempt to clarify some.

First, the only “Treaty of Union” that exists is the treaty signed in 1707 by England/Wales and Scotland leading to the formation of the United Kingdom. There is no such thing within the United Nations Charter. With the UN what is needed is a ratification of agreements between nations by the General Assembly.

Secondly, it is very inconsistent that Biya who has been preaching his dogma of ‘one and indivisble Cameroon’ will all of a sudden send a delegation to the UN to ask for a nonexistent ‘treaty of Union’ whatever that is.

The ratification of the plebiscite results in April 1961 and the acceptance of the 1961 Constitution by both Southern Cameroons (West Cameroon) and La Republique Du Cameroon (East Cameroon), legalised that Union between the two. No one challenged the 1961 Federal Constitution, and both parties adhered to it until it was changed in 1972. That in itself indicates that both parties were happy with it at the time.

Although there is the argument that the Foumban Conference was inconclusive, thereby implying that there was no binding treaty between the two States, this in itself does not negate the Will of the people who voted on February 11, 1961. As there were no issues raised about irregularities during the vote, and no legal challenge was brought up, that vote was the democratic will of the people of Southern Cameroons at the time.

The only democratic process that can change the results of that Plebiscite vote has to be another general vote. A referendum for the people of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, is therefore the one democratic means through which the vote of 11 February 1961 can be challenged.

We cannot make any progress if we keep lying to ourselves and hope that these lies will one day liberate us.


2011 has been a year with so far unprecedented aggression against sovereign nations, in which the United Nations Security Counsel has been utilized to instigate aggressions that are the antithesis of the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

The ousting of President Laurent Gbagbo with the aid of French sponsored “rebels” , trrops from the French Foreign Legion and UN-Peacekeepers is one example.

The appalling abuse of UNSC-Resolution 1973-2011 to conquer the sovereign nation of Libya is another.

If you ask me for advise pertaining 2012, that is, if you wish to make a new years “resolution” my advise is this:

” It´s time to move from resolutions and intentions to action”

” It´s time to not only to criminalize war by “resolutions” but to establish a permanent office where war crimes can be reported, and that assists independent and sovereign nations world wide to prosecute war crimes”.

“It´s time to make war unprofitable by consequently boycotting any corporation that is delivering arms to a waring party that is the aggressor in a given conflict, any corporation who has stocks in such companies, and any corporation whose major share holders have invested in such companies. Let´s establish a Blacklist of Companies, their merchandise, their services, and let´s begin to make war the least profitable business possible. As long as our corporate leaders are educated according to the principles of the Chicago School and similar, this is the one and only language that is understood by them ”

“It´s time to act upon the “resolution” that such boycott is a good idea. I suggest editors of independent media contact one another and discuss how we best could facilitate such a Blacklist and the Boycott by means of our media. . This is a standing invitation to get in touch. ”

I wish you a hopefully more peaceful 2012, so let´s DO IT!

Christof Lehmann on nsnbc

nsnbc editor