Activists in the UK Force Cameroon High Commission to observe ‘Ghost Towns’

The Cameroon High Commission has announced it is shutting down for three days, beginning with Monday 28 January 2019 to Wednesday 30 January 2019 inclusive. This forceful observation of what is known in Cameroon as ‘Ghost towns’, – a mandatory situation where businesses and government institutions shut down as a non-violent response to the degenerating crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

In a communique signed by the High Commissioner and posted on the doors of the High Commission, they acknowledge that their closure is in response to “acts of aggression and malicious damage to property”. This aptly describes what the Regime has been doing in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon over the last two years, and recently in other parts of the country. It is therefore a great think that the High Commision of Cameroon in London has shut down its building to show solidarity.

It is however, to be noted that the said building situated in the prestigious Holland Park Road in London, but there is nothing prestigious about it. The Cameroon High Commission in London happens to be not only the dirtiest and most dilapidated building on the street, it is one that houses people who support criminals of all sorts – rapists, murderers, arsonists etc.

As activists from CODE, Brigade Anti-Sardinard, West Cameroon Movement for Change and the Southern Cameroons Community UK gathered on Saturday 26 January, 2019, there to protest in answer to the call for a worldwide demonstration by President-Elect of Cameroon, Professor Maurice Kamto, they were certain that a message had to be passed on to the High Commission.

Tempers were already frayed by the news arriving that protesters had been shot in Cameroon. A week ago, Combattant Emmanuel Kemta had told the Biya Regime that there will be a reaction from activists across the world, should they attack protesters in Cameroon.

It, therefore, came as no surprise that after rousing speeches from many of the person’s present, including from a 9-year-old girl, the protesters unanimously agreed that it was necessary to leave a message for the Biya Regime Via its High Commission.

On cue, protesters began plastering the walls of the High Commission with eggs, tomatoes and other substances such as ketchup. The Met Police who have made it a duty to constantly protect the building while protests are going on there, looked helplessly as the building was given a ‘face-lift’. A call for back-up saw the arrival of many other officers dressed in black. The new arrivals were unable to stop the havoc until the anger of the protesters subsided.

The message to the Biya Regime was simple – keep on attacking the people, and you might have to clean not only the outside of your embassies but also the inside. A sneak-peak of what lies in ahead was provided by the Brigade Anti-Sardinard of France, who took over the Embassy in Paris and burnt the effigy of Dictator Paul Biya. Similar messages were passed in Germany and Belgium where the embassies were also taken over, effigies of the dictator Biya taken down and in one case, urinated upon.

Cameroonians in the UK made it clear that the ‘gentle stride of a tiger is not a symbol of cowardice’ and that the Biya regime should either leave power peacefully or expect to be forced out.

Talking to Brice Nintcheu, the leader of BAS, UK, he confirmed that the general idea was to force the High Commission to shut its doors. He, however, expressed pleasant surprise at the wording of the High Commissioner, which aptly describes the actions of the Regime in Cameroon. It is therefore fair to conclude that the High Commission closed its doors, not only because activists threw eggs at its dirty building, but also in solidarity with all those in Cameroon who are suffering from ‘acts of aggression and malicious damage to property’ at the hands of the Biya Regime.

2 thoughts on “Activists in the UK Force Cameroon High Commission to observe ‘Ghost Towns’

  1. Kingsley, we have been monitoring and watching you. You and the rest of diaspora are unable to destabilize Cameroon. The death of my brother will not go in vain. He was out there doing his work, the work he signed for. You sponsored for his life to be taken away. You guys will never have peace. I am now forced to look after his children when he was our only breadwinner.

    We know you and your family members back here in Cameroon. We know everyone that is involved in sponsoring this war. You work in the hospital in the UK and I am not sure if UK is training nurses or terrorists. There is another one called Louistas who is a also a nurse. I have listened to his commentary many times. We are going to give you guys the medicine you deserve. If you listened to the US diplomat’s talk while in Cameroon, you should understand that you guys will be prosecuted in the UK. We will be making complaints to the Nursing council and Scotland Yard respective about nurses sponsoring war and nurses in the hospitals with fake qualifications.

    Secondly, we will make sure every cameroonian in the UK working as a qualified nurse where Maths and English was a prerequisite, that, they are checked. Many of you bought fake GCE O and A Levels starting in 2010 and consequently used them to become nurses in that country. Many of you bought fake certificates created by JP, Achu and Muma in Douala, Bamenda and Buea. We will be compiling a list of all fake GCE slips holders including full names. The list will be handed to FBI and the health authorities in the UK.

    All of you will go to jail and I mean it. Once you have been jailed, the war will stop. The money for arms you guys are sending here won’t be coming forth.

    I am not going to settle at anything less, unless all of you have been prosecuted, jailed or deported. You are a danger to all the patients in the hospital and should not be there. Come back here and let us fight.

    1. Yves, I am sorry to learn of your brother’s death and particularly sorry for the death of anyone in Cameroon. If you have been following me closely as you claim, you will notice that I do not support war or violence in any form.

      Shutting down the Embassy as we did, was in response to the government shooting at protesters on that 26th January, 2019. It was a non-violent way of putting pressure on the Regime to call a ceasefire.

      I agree with you totally that anyone sponsoring war in Cameroon, whether they are living in the diaspora, will have to pay a price for their actions.

      I believe in meaningful change in Cameroon and will continue to fight to get the governments of the countries in the Security Council to put pressure on Yaounde to call for dialogue and end the senseless killing of our people.

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