Innocent Chia, MoRISC & Southern Cameroons Restoration Struggle – By Agbor Martin Ayuk

Innocent Chia wrote asking questions about the operations of SCACUF and highlighting his disappointment with certain processes. Less than 24 hours later. Agbor Martin Ayuk has presented a rebuttal which answers some of the questions raised.

I am just presenting the different opinions raised but must stress that they do not represent my views.

Enjoy your reading!


We have all had the opportunity of reading a diatribe unleashed by Chia Innocent of MoRISC on the Southern Cameroons Ambazonai Consortium United Front, (SCACUF). He made very serious allegations about the law firm which has been retained to commence legal action (one of the means freedom fighters are employing) that could in the end take us to Buea. Chia also points out a lot of weaknesses he considers would make SCACUF ineffective in securing our most wished-for restoration of statehood, ranging from untalented and devoted leadership to reluctance to put in place an interim government.

The first observation I would like to make here is that curiously enough, MoRISC is a member organization of SCACUF, an indication that the rantings Chia has brought to the market place would well have been addressed internally and spared us the trouble of public quarreling. To make matters worse, my research revealed that the Spokesman of SCACUF is no other person than the strongman of MoRISC, meaning he had the duty to educate his members on the prevailing situation in the organization. This is a worrisome situation and it simply indicates that the old demons of division, power mongering, division and treachery are back in the house just when the government in Yaounde is getting rattled.

MoRISC as an Opportunistic Organization

The Movement for the Restoration of Southern Cameroons was born out of the current struggle triggered by Common Law Lawyers and Teachers’ Unions in Cameroon in 2016. Prior to this current phase of Southern Cameroons Nationalism, nothing existed as MoRISC. The initiative to create the organization was seen as laudable especially as the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium that brought together the various unions under one umbrella was mainly home-based and was a showcase of unity which is strength. However, ever since the advent of MoRISC there has rather been a lot of controversy than harmony as the outfit has been fighting every other organization involved in the struggle, sabotaging initiatives here and there if those moves were not initiated by it. The Publisher/Editor of the Cameroon Journal has on several occasions presented this divisive and deviant attitude of MoRISC as working to bring down all other organizations by the use of conspiracy theories as a measure of promoting its agenda.

MoRISC from inception was presented as a movement- an umbrella organization meant to bring together all other organizations involved in the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. Today, MoRISC is no longer an umbrella organization and its Spokesman, Boh Herbert says the body is no longer a movement but a facilitator, working to raise resources from Southern Cameroonians to ease the work and activities of other organizations seeking the restoration of our statehood. This means the initial intention of MoRISC has been hijacked to a new role; a role which appears invisible and unclear given that none of the existing structures operating in the field like the SCNC, SCYL, AGC, SCAPO or the Consortium have reported that they ever received any facilitating funds from Boh Herbert and his team. Today, we learn of yet another mutation of MoRISC into a Secretariat to assist in ensuring that the key players attain their objective of taking us home to Buea.

This perspective of things tells us without any doubts, therefore, that MoRISC is not supposed to have an agenda of its own if it is mainly out to play the facilitator. By insisting that it has a roadmap developed and which it is following, a roadmap that must end with the “election” of a Prime Minister and the putting in place of a government means the facilitator is inadvertently supplanting the actors. Isn’t it necessary for MoRISC to put an end to this scam on its members and followers and unveil its personal agenda for all to see? Such a thing can be done without necessarily running down other organizations and trying to discourage people from supporting other initiatives only because they were not put forth by MoRISC, especially the current struggle was initiated and fueled by those structures being insulted when MoRISC was yet to be born. It may be important for Chia to note that the Consortium was and is still a conglomerate of organizations that believed in unity and that is why we are here; if it were not for ulterior motives, it would have made more sense for the initiators of MoRISC to have constituted themselves as an arm of the Consortium, the SCNC, SCAPO, Ambazonia, SCYL or AGC depending on their vision to advance the common cause, reason we are now confronted with the fact that the purpose of the outfit was to come up and form a government to take over a revolution they hardly ignited.

The Case for an Interim Government

One of the issues that have so annoyed Chia is the delay in forming an interim government as enshrined in the roadmap of MoRISC and endorsed by SCACUF for the month of May, 2017. The month is hardly half way gone and trouble has started, whereas everything could jolly well still be possible. But, most importantly, Chia does not tell anyone that at the second Conclave of front line leaders in Nigeria, the idea of picking a Prime Minister and eventually a government was admitted with preconditions; to secure at least certain concessions from some authorities on the diplomatic front before proceeding with the idea, to ensure the new interim government does not suffer the fate of previous ones hurriedly put in place. That means this would not be the first time Southern Cameroons would be putting in place an interim government and it should of course be the last time because we must now go all the way by correcting the errors of the past. So, rather than working hard to meet the preconditions agreed upon mutually in Nigeria (and MoRISC did agree to them), Chia and his friends have resorted to pouring unfounded insults on the SCACUF Secretariat and Mr. Tassang Wilfred who is the Secretary General. This lowly attempt to put a spanner in the wheel of the struggle is reminiscent of others before Chia who always felt it made more sense to create disorder in order to benefit from it.

Landmark Achievement by SCACUF

It is easy to observe that within a short period of time, the United Front has secured some visible gains for the struggle; the advent of SCBC and the signing of Foley Hoag (even if it sounds to some people as a scam) and most importantly the putting in place a robust organizational setup to guarantee renewed in intensity in the resistance on the ground. The month of May is too significant for our struggle as it the month in which stronger stronger chains were bound around our feet and hands. It would be unwise for us not to concentrate on defeating government by ensuring a biting boycott of 20th May and shattering plans to force pupils and students who have not been going to school to take end of year examinations, and rather go fighting over a thing like an interim government that needs to be well planned.

The time to go all the way is now and the only language we should hear from today has got to be constructive criticism, not the kind of criticism that ends with attacking the personalities of people. MoRISC has thousands of dollars collected from Southern Cameroonians in its accounts, it should release that money to facilitate the struggle as Boh Herbert has himself pointed out.

Agbor Martin Ayuk

2 thoughts on “Innocent Chia, MoRISC & Southern Cameroons Restoration Struggle – By Agbor Martin Ayuk

  1. You articulated my mind in precise detail. Snake head Innocent Chia and Boh Herbert are seeking for conspicuousness in a wrong way. They hastily formed morisc as a vehicle to propel themselves to fame, dictate to everyone and if it is not their way then they are against it. Who knew about morisc before December 2016? Where was opportunistic Innocent Chia before December 2017?

  2. Thank you Dr. AGBOR. I hardly comment but your article best explains it all. You made my day. Morisc is a scam and has always been so from day one.

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