West Cameroon Movement for Change Petition French Embassy, London

On Friday, 20 January 2017, the West Cameroon Movement for Change, UK, led protesters to the French Embassy where they handed a petition.

The petition had five requests for the French Ambassador, Sylvie Bermann, to pass on to her country. It asks France to:

  1. Stop its support for the dictatorial regime in Cameroon
  2. Condemn the rape, torture, acts of violence and arbitrary arrests of innocent citizens.
  3. Stop the proliferation of arms within Cameroon and the French African Region
  4. Stop its continuous dominance and exploitation of Cameroon through non-existent or extinct ‘bilateral deals’.
  5. Recognise that her continuous lopsided interference in Cameroon is likely to lead to a genocide similar to that of Rwanda.

Below is the full English version of the petition:


The petition ended by reiterating the demands of WCMC and their sympathisers.

Below is a copy French Version of the petition


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