The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon: Symptom of a Country in Travail

In 2012, when I wrote this, I was lamenting the defeat of Cameroon by Cape Verde. The build up to the world cup, which saw disputes over unpaid premiums already showed how deep the problems of the National Team are. But then one is apt to ask the question: Why is it that Cameroon is one of the few, if not the only Country, where the Cabinet Ministers and the Football Federation are always fighting over who controls the resources of the team? If money does not get missing on a plane, then players will have to protest to get their premiums. Why is it that the Cameroon team has done so much in the past yet there is nothing to show for in-country? Players made sacrifices in the past, won trophies, brought glory, died on the playing field but the government has never as much as done anything to show the players why they should go out and fight for the country.

One thought on “The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon: Symptom of a Country in Travail

  1. The failure of Cameroon to beat Cape Verde certainly has many underlying causes. Your analysis is spot on as it really identifies some of them while also making the link between bad governance and the poor performance of the Lions of Cameroon. Their recent performance and all that happened during the build up to the world cup certainly lends credence to your analysis.

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